Information about the National Association on Alcohol, Drugs and Disability Training Inventory

Alcohol, Drugs & Disability 101 for Alcohol and Drug Professionals Identifies the basic issues confronting alcohol and drug treatment caregivers including information on common areas of concern, countering and fighting drug addiction. Having a directory of drug rehab centers readily available is also useful. Presentation includes two videos: "Silent Storm" and "JR's Story", and the DizQuiz, designed to test participant's knowledge of disability etiquette.

Alcohol, Drugs & Disability 101 for Disability Professionals Identifies the basic issues confronting disability caregivers including information on common areas of concern. Presentation includes two videos: "Silent Storm" and "JR's Story", and the DizQuiz, designed to test participant's knowledge of disability etiquette.

Alcohol, Drugs and Youth With Disabilities Chronicles the emergence of youth with disabilities and co-occurring substance abuse issues as a unique population within the disability community. Details the formation, development, passage and implementation of programs and legislation designed to protect, serve and empower adults and youth with disabilities. Video: Living Out Loud.

Alcohol, Drugs and Development Disabilities: What's the Problem? A comprehensive training that cites compelling data and personal stories to illustrate the programmatic, psychological and architectural barriers confronting people with developmental disabilities who seek alcohol and drug services. Offers realistic and practical strategies for overcoming these barriers including recommended modifications to assessment and treatment plans. Video: No Ordinary Pain.

Lessons and Findings From the National Access Project

Highlights key components of the National Access Project (NAP), sponsored by NAADD and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP). Includes program objectives, strategies for implementation, key findings and recommendations. An inside look at how one organization rolled-out a national effort to improve the addiction treatment delivery system.

Looking at Alcohol and Other Drugs: Picture Ideas Uses picture ideas to describe substance abuse and its harmful consequences. Complementary recovery material for people with cognitive deficits, developmental disabilities and co-occurring substance abuse issues.

Strengthen Your Work by Building Alliances A brief, motivational presentation that identifies the barriers to change within the substance abuse and disability communities and the rewards gained through persistence. A morale booster for change agents.

Raytheon vs. Hernandez: Addiction Recovery and the ADA Offers a concise summary of the Supreme Court case Raytheon v. Hernandez that placed the issue of addiction as a disability on the docket of the highest court in the land. Includes material on consumer-directed treatment and programs making significant contributions to the field. An excellent presentation for providers on why the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) matters to treatment professionals and people in recovery.

Searching for the Common Ground: Harm Reduction and Traditional Substance Abuse Services Presents traditional worldviews of substance abuse and harm reduction and offers ways each field can benefit from collaborating with the other. A thought-provoking presentation for advocates and service professionals.

Socially Constructed Categories of Shame/Stigma Explores socially constructed categories of shame and stigma around physical deformities, character flaws resulting from substance abuse and/or mental health issues, and the stigma associated with tribal affiliation. Presents important topics of discussion on the psychological barriers that may impede quality service delivery.

Alcohol, Drugs, Disability & Discrimination: Evolution of an Issue and an Organization Covers the evolution and convergence of the modern addiction treatment and disability rights movements. Offers participants a concise and comprehensive perspective of the common attributes that inextricably link these issues.

Alcohol, Drugs and Disability 101 Basic strategies, information and experiential exercises designed to acquaint prevention and treatment providers with the major issues in developing and delivering alcohol and drug services to people with disabilities. Utilizes the video presentation Silent Storm.

Common Ground: Linking the Alcohol and Drug and Disability Communities We have much more in common than we think. Both the addiction treatment and disability communities share models of service, historical stigmatization and other basic concerns that unite and facilitate collaboration. Explores these issues and identifies the common ground.


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